Yvonne Kübeck (27) grew up in Harsewinkel, a small town near Bielefeld, Germany. Her passion for Bielefeld began in 2009, when she started a trial education at the textile enterprise Windsor GmbH (finished as B.B.A. in 2013). Yvonne worked in the sales department of Windsor GmbH for almost four years and she was responsible for the customer care of the brand JOOP! In 2015 she obtained a M.Sc. in Business Psychology and began working at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands–University of Applied Sciences (FHM), in Bielefeld in 2016. At the FHM she is responsible for product and service management. In her leisure time Yvonne loves to have conversations during a walk in the woods or at the beach, she likes to travel and she enjoys jogging and playing tennis.